Board of Massage Therapy

Name Board of Massage Therapy
Contact Person Rhonda McManus - Executive Director
Mailing Address 2645 O'Neal Lane
Bldg C Ste E
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone Number 225-756-3488
Fax Number 225-756-3493
Board Email
Legal Authority LA R.S. 37:3551
Year Created 1992
Organizational Placement Department of Health and Hospital
Purpose/Function The board is responsible for the licensure, registration, investigation and regulation of persons practicing as massage therapists within the state. The board may establish continuing education requirements for massage therapists.
Budget Message The board presents the following budget for the fiscal year ending 6/30/15 based on criteria established as follows: (1) past year performance; and (2) known facts for the coming year as well as consideration for the (3) efficient operations of the office; and(4) most effective use of license fees received.
Number of Entity Members: Number Authorized: 7
Number Currently Serving: 7
Number of Entity Meetings: Actual number in prior year: 4
Estimated number in current year: 4
The Entity is:
Active   Inactive   Not fully organized   Disbanded   Never fully organized
Do members receive per diem, salaries, and/or travel expense reimbursements?
Yes   No
Excluding member per diem, salaries, and travel expense reimbursements, does the entity receive or expend funds?
Yes   No
Entity Member Per Diem:
  Amount Authorized: $50      per meeting   per meeting day   per day spent on board business   None

Total entity member per diem:
  Prior year actual: $850
  Current year budgeted: $1000
Entity Member Salaries:
  Prior year actual: $0
  Current year budgeted: $0
Entity Member Travel Expense Reimbursement:
  Prior year actual: $1441
  Current year budgeted: $2500
Number and Type of Authorized Employee Positions:
Classified: 0
Unclassified: 3
Part-time: 0
Entity Fiscal Year End:
4/30         7/31         10/31         Other (identify date)
6/30         9/30         12/31         None
Participation in State Employee Benefit Programs:
       participate in state retirement system(s) and/or state group insurance program(s)
       do not participate in state benefit programs

       participate in state retirement system(s) and/or state group insurance program(s)
       do not participate in state benefit programs
New legislation eliminated oral testing beginning 1/1/2013.

Projected budget for conferences/conventions includes 1 person to attend Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards in Baltimore, MD. This is the estimate of hotel and airfare based on prices at the time this budget was prepared.

Board member in-state travel is budgeted less than the prior year's actual because the prior year included several additional meetings as a result of changes in laws impacting licensees. The projected budget is based on regularly scheduled meetings for 2013-2014.

The changes in excess of 10% between the projected and current year budget is due almost entirely to the move to a new location during the current year. The make-up of charges has changed somewhat such as no longer a need for cleaning.
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