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Which Tableau Product do I need?

  • Tableau Desktop (Creator license): the full licensed version of the software used to create visualisations and other content, such as dashboards and data sources.
  • Tableau Desktop Free trial version: upon registration with Tableau you can receive a 14-day trial to evaluate the Tableau Desktop software.
  • Tableau Desktop Public: free to download, acts as Tableau Creator Desktop, limited in the number of data connectors, total data size and ways of sharing.
  • Web-edit view on Tableau Server: a free but limited way to explore data a Tableau Server Site. A developer needs to create content (dashboard/workbook/data source) in a Tableau Desktop and then publish it to the Tableau Server. Special web-edit permissions must also be applied to a viewer of the content to grant the web-editing permissions or to connect to a data source and create their own visualisations. No need to download any software, all manipulations are done via the web-browser.

How to get Tableau and/or a Tableau license?

Contact OTS Statewide Data Analytics at OTS AppDM Statewide Analytics A member of the team will work with you to gather the necessary information to submit a request to provide state Tableau resources to you.

How to get Tableau installed on your desktop or laptop?

Submit a Customer Service Ticket Portal: or by calling locally to 225-219-6900 or Toll Free to 844-219-6900.

How to be on your department's statewide server and Tableau Site?

Contact your chain of command and submit a request to the Site Administrator for departments' Site. If you do not know who the Site Administrator(s) for your Site is please contact OTS Statewide Data Analytics at OTS AppDM Statewide Analytics

What are Tableau Site Roles?

VIEWER - Viewers have the ability to interact by subscribing to views, downloading as images and downloading as summary data. A Viewer cannot connect to data, create, edit or publish content or set data alerts.

EXPLORER - Explorers have the ability to browse and interact with views.  Explorers can create data driven alerts, subscribe to content, and also connect to   Tableau published data sources and workbooks in the web authoring environment for ad-hoc queries, but cannot save their work.

EXPLORER (CAN PUBLISH) -  An Explorer (Can Publish) can use all the interaction features of an Explorer plus being able to publish from the web.   Explorers (Can Publish) can edit and save existing workbooks, but cannot save new standalone data sources from data connections embedded in   workbooks, an cannot connect to external data and create new data sources.

CREATOR –    Creators are able to build and publish flows, connect to Tableau or external data in the browser, connect to data sources and workbooks, and use   interaction features on published views.  Creators have the ability to connect to Tableau Prep or Desktop, publish by uploading/saving and   downloading flows, workbooks and data sources.

SITE ADMINISTRATOR – The Site Administrator may manage the membership of a site, the users and assign site roles.  Additionally they can be granted permission to assign site membership.

SERVER ADMINISTRATOR – This site role always occupies the highest license activated on the server. It allows unrestricted access to the configuration settings for the Tableau Server browser environment, all sites on the server, users and groups, and all content assets, such as flows, projects, data sources (including connection information), and workbooks. Connect to Tableau published data sources or external data, from the browser, Tableau Desktop, or Tableau Prep; create and publish new data sources; author and publish workbooks.

For more in depth descriptions or information on the capabilities of each role, please refer to