Team Tableaux Style Guides

Design Guide

A Guide to building your own Style Guide

This resource is intended to help with the initial conversations while developing a Style Guide. It covers some of the basic topics and ideas for creating standards within a department on how information will be presented to both public and internal facing audiences.

What is a Style Guide?

A style guide helps Tableau Desktop users create consistent user experiences, visualizations that communicate effectively, and a visual language that is a mark of quality. Information presented to users should be quick, easy and intuitive. Data narratives should come through loud and clear. Lastly, dashboards should be recognizable as quality and professional representatives of the State of Louisiana.

The official Team Tableau style guide is currently being developed.

Current Resources Availble

The Secretary of State is the custodian of the State Flag and Seal artwork.  In addition, that agency provides information on fonts, pantone colors, etc. used by state agencies.  Usually, each agency has a Communications Officer that keeps the information on file for media, or just such use.  Contact your respective Communications Officers to find out more on agency artwork.

Each governor changes the fonts on letterhead used on documents along with an occasional tweak to the state seal.  OTS Production Support Services (which includes State Printing) can be a good resource to insure that the correct fonts and assests are used.